We invest a lot of work into creating, organizing, and coordinating experiences for our students. We want our students to have a broad perspective of the opportunities that exist (and those that are just in the making in this rapidly changing world) so that they might follow their passion when they finish a program of study. There are hundreds of jobs that were never thought of 10 years ago!

We encourage students to be as involved as they want, providing updates to events and experiences via social media, events on the website, and flyers, so that they can participate. We understand that students have limitations to their schedules, however we encourage our B2B participants to get involved in the following ways:

  • Attend at least 2 events or experiences a term
  • Check in each semester with their assigned coordinator
  • If a student attends an event not coordinated by the alliance, bring evidence of your involvement (flyer, schedule, etc) to your program coordinator
  • Take advantage of the resources put in place to support their success in their program of study